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Ledbury Pained
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1. Compact 3 Drawer Bedside
H: 720mm W: 390mm D: 300mm
2. 2 Drawer Bedside
H: 580mm W: 485mm D: 420mm
3. 3 Drawer Bedside
H: 745mm W: 485mm D: 420mm
4. 4 Drawer Wellington
H: 1105mm W: 610mm D: 420mm
5. 5 Drawer Wellington
H: 1320mm W: 610mm D: 420mm
6. 2 Over 2 Chest
H: 945mm W: 920mm D: 420mm
7. 3 Over 2 Chest
H: 1180mm W: 920mm D: 420mm
8. 3 Over 2 Jumper Chest
H: 1325mm W: 920mm D: 420mm
9. 3 Over 4 Chest
H: 945mm W: 1330mm D: 420mm
10. 3 Over 4 Jumper Chest
H: 1040mm W: 1330mm D: 420mm
11. Single Ped Dressing Table
H: 790mm W: 1190mm D: 420mm
12. Double Ped Dressing Table
H: 790mm W: 1490mm D: 420mm
13. Single Mirror
H: 450mm W: 590mm D: 140mm
14. Stool
H: 490mm W: 500mm D: 410mm
15. Ladies Wardrobe
H: 1920mm W: 1035mm D: 540mm
16. Sliding Double Wardrobe
H: mm W: mm D: mm
17. Triple Wardrobe With 2 Drawers
H: 1920mm W: 1502mm D: 540mm
18. 2 Drawer Wardrobe
H: 1942mm W: 1035mm D: 540mm
19. Quad Wardrobe
H: 2220mm W: 2031mm D: 577mm
20. Double Low Foot End Bed
H: 1085mm W: 1500mm D: 2094mm
21. King Low Foot End Bed
H: 1085mm W: 1650mm D: 2194mm
22. Under Bed Drawer
H: 260mm W: 750mm D: 640mm